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World Fiction on minute shorts

    “World Fiction” Short Film Wins Awards, Now Streaming Exclusively on Minute Shorts

    London, UK, April 8, 2024 – Minute Shorts, a leading short film streaming platform, has announced the exclusive release of the acclaimed short film “World Fiction” for viewers in the UK to enjoy.

    Directed by Darryl Duah-Boateng (PYRAGLYPHIX), “World Fiction” is a captivating 14-minute short that takes audiences on a journey through the power of visual storytelling. The film explores the universal human experiences that connect us all, despite the diverse cultures and perspectives portrayed.

    “We are thrilled to bring ‘World Fiction’ to our platform and share this remarkable short film with our UK viewers,” said Janvier Wete, Founder of Minute Shorts. “Darryl’s vision and the film’s ability to transcend borders and touch the hearts of audiences make it a perfect fit for Minute Shorts’ growing UK audience.”

    “World Fiction” has garnered critical acclaim, winning the Best Short Film award at the Genesis International Film Festival and being nominated for the Highly Commended Best Comedy award at the BIFA qualifying Unrestricted View Film Festival. Reviewers have praised the film for its stunning visuals, nuanced performances, and its ability to spark meaningful conversations about the human experience.

    “As a filmmaker, my goal is to create stories that resonate with people on a deep level, regardless of their background,” said director Darryl Duah-Boateng. “I’m honored that ‘World Fiction’ has found a home on Minute Shorts, where it can reach a wide audience and hopefully inspire them to explore the rich diversity of global storytelling.”

    The film’s cross-cultural appeal and exploration of timely themes around cultural misunderstandings and racial dynamics make it particularly relevant for UK audiences, who value stories that bridge divides and promote greater understanding.

    “World Fiction” is now available to stream exclusively on the Minute Shorts platform for viewers in the UK. They can access the film by visiting or downloading the Minute Shorts app on their preferred devices.

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